Corporate Wellbeing

Workplace Wellness

How does your company empower a productive, healthy and happy workforce?


With workplaces facing a 24/7 “switched on culture”, with a constant stimulation of distractions; email, smartphone, meetings, multiple deadlines, international requirements – yoga and meditation can help employees develop skills to manage distractions and place their focus and efforts where it’s needed the most, with the benefits of their own wellbeing professionally and personally.





Why every workforce needs a wellbeing programme

Corporate wellness is being embraced by companies such as Nike, Google, Apple and Facebook. Classes and workshops in the workplace are a cost efficient, innovative solution for companies wanting to reduce absenteeism and health care expenses (as a result from stress and neck, back and head strain, as well as work place injuries), improve alertness and decision making and promote overall employee wellbeing. Research has shown that there are many benefits of implementing a regular practice in the workplace. 

Ready to practice at work?


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